How Much Does a Bodyguard Cost in Australia?

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Hiring a bodyguard service is often complicated by the cost. The cost of hiring private security is a concern even for VIPs. Because they have not yet faced a security threat, people will avoid hiring personal protection.

There’s no way to predict when that might happen, unfortunately. VIPs are naturally involved in risk management throughout their lives and careers. So that you can concentrate on your career and life, you should have someone handle the responsibility of protecting you.

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Security and safety needs will differ from person to person or estate to estate. Therefore, it is difficult to pinpoint the average cost of personal security since prices can vary significantly. The cost of hiring a bodyguard varies greatly depending on your unique needs.

Factors that can influence the cost of Security Guards

Here are some of the factors which can influence the Salary and cost of the dedicated Security Guards and their Team:

Level of Training and Experience:

The number of years of experience that security guards have may have a significant impact on the amount that a security business can charge on a contract. A guard’s worth can also be increased by having valuable credentials and training.

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Having well-trained security supervisors is also a wonderful approach to increasing the value of your services by increasing their trustworthiness.

The Specific Security Service Type:

The amount you can charge a client depends on the sort of security service you provide. Look at what sort of services your rivals are giving if they are charging significantly more than you. You might want to think about how you might include such services in your security firm.

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A greater security guard charge may be demanded if you provide armed guarding services (just keep in mind you usually have to pay armed officers more money). Another wonderful strategy to boost your fees is to include technology in your offerings.

Diversifying your services is more significant than any one service offering. One of the most effective methods to expand is to be able to provide clients with a diverse selection of security services.

Industry and Organization you’re Working with:

The sectors in which security firms operate can have a significant impact on the pricing they can charge for security services. Knowing if your rivals work in industries with a higher average price point might help explain why your guard rates are so high.

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For example, cannabis security has grown into a major sector – from patrolling fields to providing door protection at dispensaries – and security services are now demanded at a higher price point due to the danger involved.

Varying the sectors in which your security company works may be a wonderful strategy to expand, much like diversifying your services.

Comparing your guard rates to those of rivals may be quite useful if you make careful to consider all of the factors that impact pricing.

If you leave any things out, you risk pricing yourself below what the market will bear.

In the worst-case situation, omitting components might result in you undercharging or overcharging for security services, putting you out of business. Pricing is crucial, especially for small security guard firms, in order to optimize profits and allow you to reinvest and develop your business.

Try to Provide the Best Value Security Guard Services:

This method works best when you know your security roles are the finest in the industry. When you concentrate on client value and success, you pay attention to two things.

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First and foremost, think about how much money you can save your client. If your customer loses $30,000 in stolen items each month and your protection services cost $10,000, you may tout the $20,000 they would save by hiring your security firm.

Home walks are an excellent technique to demonstrate to you what specific issues are present on a client’s property. Following the property walk, you can show them how your services can help them save money.

You might also concentrate on the value of your services. You can charge a premium depending on your reputation if your security guards have completed 100 hours of training or if your clientele includes top-tier corporations.

Detailed reports demonstrate to your clients the actual benefit that your security services provider to their company. These sample reports indicate what sort of information you may provide to clients.



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